Waris Dirie celebrates 5 years Desert Flower Center in the hospital Waldfriede Berlin Zehlendorf

Today, Waris Dirie spoke to 300 doctors from around the world as part of the International Coloproctologists' Congress.


Waris Dirie about "We Challenge You" at Bloomberg and Wo/men Inc. in Frankfurt

Waris Dirie presents for the first time the Desert Flower Foundation Sports Charity Event "We Challenge You"!


126 Little Desert Flowers from Sierra Leone say THANK YOU!

126 Little Desert Flowers are attending the Anerdan School in Allentown and are thanking you from the bottom of my heart!
Their dream became true: today they are able to write and read - something that will forever remain a dream for many people in Sierra Leone if we do not change it together!


What is a condom?

Report from the sexual education workshop at the Desert Flower Center Berlin

"I am deeply shocked when one of the participants argues that the only woman’s duty in her society is to have children. A woman who uses contraception is said to be unfaithful."


How You can support Waris Dirie's fight against female genital mutilation!

...because an organization needs its supporters...

"More than ever, we need to focus on and invest in education to empower the young generation, to choose a self-confident, advanced way of life and to let go of old and cruel traditions. And for that I - and millions of girls in Africa - need your help!
Together we can reach our goal!"