Warning UN Secretary General António Guterres: FGM is on the rise!

68 million girls are at risk of becoming victims of female genital mutilation by 2030!

Currently, around 3.9 million girls are cut every year.

Unless politician take significant measures against this cruel crime,  the number of  affected girls  is going to rise annually to 4.6 million.

One of the mains reason for this is development the rapidly increasing population and the enormous lack of education.

Sustainable development is not possible if the human rights of girls and women are violated!

Guterres also points out that FGM is considered a massive violation of the human rights of women and girls and should be elimanted by 2030.

But the current measures are not enough to keep up with the current population growth and the rapidly rising FGM rate!

We urge the politicians to do everything in their power to stop FGM!

68 million girls need to be protected and need our help!

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