How You can support Waris Dirie's fight against female genital mutilation!

...because an organization needs its supporters...

Dear supporters, 
It's already been 20 years that I started my fight against the cruel ritual of female genital mutilation. 
Today I know that education is the solution in the fight against FGM! 
Despite numerous campaigns, raising awareness on the topic of FGM , the number of women affected by FGM continues to increase.
More than ever, we need to focus on and invest in education to empower the young generation, to choose a self-confident, advanced way of life and to let go of old and cruel traditions.
And for that I - and millions of girls in Africa - need your help!
Together we can reach our goal!
And that's how easy it is:
Tip 1: Share our projects and news with your family and friends!
250 million women and girls are affected by FGM worldwide.
Every 11 seconds, a girl is being cut.
Only through education can we stop this crime!
We know it and you know it too - now we just have to tell all the others!


More tips on how you can support my fight against FGM coming soon!

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