Donate Your Celebration to a Little Desert Flower!


You are looking for the perfect gift for your best friend?

Or you want to make your parents happy with a special surprise on Mother's Day / Father's Day?
Your sister is getting married - and you are looking for a gift that changes lives?

Or maybe You are planning a big birthday party, but you already perfectly happy? ;) 

Well, we are happy to help!

No matter what the occasion is: whether it’s Easter, Christmas, your birthday or a wedding - we have a very special gift for you and your loved ones for every occasion!

Give or wish for a donation that changes lives!

Give a donation:

You want to surprise your loved ones with a donation? 
It’s so simple:

Step 1:

Choose one of our projects you want to donate to!

Step 2

Contact us here: and tell us which project you want to receive a certificate for!  

Give a donation: Certificate
We are happy to personalize Your Certificate and send it to Your loved one!

Step 3

Transfer the desired amount to the Desert Flower Foundation’s account.

Step 4

Enjoy the moment of surprise and the smile of your loved ones!

Give a donation?

Wish for a donation:

You want to tell your party guests to forgo your brithday gifts this year and instead donate to a project that matters to you?
It’s that easy:

Step 1

Choose for which of our projects you want to donate!

Step 2

Contact us here: and tell us which project you want to receive a certificate for!  

Step 3

Now You’ve got 2 possibilities:

  1. Your guests can donate directly to the Desert Flower Foundation account, using a special reference.
  2. Or: You collect the donations yourself and transfer it afterwards to the Foundation.
    You will receive a letter of appreciation from us and the following month you receive the donation receipt.

Step 4

Enjoy this feeling of happiness when your celebration becomes the feast of a Little Desert Flower!